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There are approximately 60 million Hispanics in the U.S, with that number set to grow over the next decade and beyond. The U.S Census Bureau predicts that by 2060, 28.6 percent of the country’s population will be Hispanic.

There are a few crucial details to note about marketing to the Hispanic audience in the US: language is everything, branding is make-or-break, and mobile phone usage shouldn’t be overlooked.

With our help, we’ll design a marketing strategy that focuses on communicating your brand and message through Spanish-language localization APIs and targeting mobile phone conversion.

Likewise, branding should be crafted around targeted audiences. Those with a Mexican background may well react differently to those from a Puerto Rican background. Our experience in these audiences will help you craft an effective brand strategy.

Lastly, the Hispanic Market Imperative Report states that 56% of US Hispanics use their mobile to purchase online. That’s a huge number and should never be overlooked when building a business to target these audiences. We’ll optimize your website’s mobile-friendliness and social media marketing to hit business targets.

Different Backgrounds, One Common Goal.

Hispanic Marketing Consultants is exactly that: a diverse team of marketing experts who are here to help your business access the rapidly growing Hispanic market.

Meet The Team

Gustavo Calabro

Chief Operating Officer

Daniel Dau, Creative Director

Daniel Dau

Creative Director

Eliana Lankerd

Director of Client Services

Hernando Ramírez-Santos

Chief Editor

Jennifer Pantoja-Paredes

Jennifer Pantoja-Paredes

Graphic Designer

Diana Chaves

Account Manager